1. Why Replace Your Home’s Siding? Part 1

    When was the last time you inspected your home’s siding? If it has been a while, consider the importance of your home’s exterior siding. It’s what keeps wind, rain, snow, and other destructive weather elements from destroying the structure of your home, and it aids in shielding the interior of your home from extreme exterior temperatures. Take a walk around your home, and take a look at how …Read More

  2. We Do New Construction Roofing

    Are you building a new home in the Peachtree City or Atlanta areas? The roofing contractors at Falcon Exteriors in Peachtree City understand the requirements of and are very experienced with new construction roofing. If you’re building a new home, let our experts handle the roof installation to ensure a safe, protected structure for years to come. Why let Falcon Exteriors install your new roof? …Read More

  3. Why Are Rain Gutters So Important?

    As a homeowner, there is a long list of things that you need to be tending to on a regular basis on the exterior of your home, and it can prove difficult to get to everything. Between going to work, getting the kids to and from school, and dealing with the other ins and outs of daily life, homeowners often find themselves accidentally neglecting some of the most important aspects of home maintenan…Read More

  4. Siding Options: Pros and Cons

    Here at Falcon Exteriors, we offer full siding services, including installation, repair, and replacement. Are you considering replacing the siding on your Peachtree City or Atlanta area home? Keep reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the siding options in which our siding contractors specialize. Your Falcon Siding Options Hardie Board Siding This siding option is ceme…Read More

  5. Checking For Roof Damage After a Storm

    Here in the Peachtree City and Atlanta areas, we’re no strangers to storms and the rains, high winds, hail, and other destructive forces they bring with them. If your home has recently been exposed Mother Nature’s violent side, be sure to check your roof for possible damage. Why should I check for roof damage after a storm? It may seem inconvenient to check for damage to your roof every single…Read More

  6. 3 Signs Your Siding Needs Repaired

    Do you inspect your siding on a regular basis? This is something that many homeowners neglect when considering home maintenance, but your house’s siding is what protects your home’s interior from wind, rain, etc. Since the siding itself is exposed to these elements as well as damage from the sun and natural deterioration from aging, it will need to be repaired over time and will eventually nee…Read More

  7. Recently Purchased a New Home? Have Your Roof Inspected.

    If you’ve recently moved into a new home, chances are you had an inspection before purchasing to ensure that everything was in order, and if you’re lucky there were no significant issues found. Although your inspection went well, it might not be a bad idea to give a roofing contractor a call. They can provide you with specific information on the lifespan of your room which can help you to figu…Read More

  8. Protect Your Home From GA Thunderstorms

    Peachtree City residents, along with everyone else who lives in the great State of Georgia, aren’t strangers to severe thunderstorms. Between the rain, wind, hail, and lightning, these storms can cause a lot of damage to your home. Keep these tips in mind to protect your home during this year’s warm season. 3 Ways To Protect Your GA Home From Thunderstorm Damage Trim Your Trees Keep your trees…Read More

  9. 3 Huge Benefits of Gutter Guards

    When many people consider proper home maintenance, they may completely forget about their gutters, but your home’s gutter system is a vital piece of your home’s structure. The gutter system is responsible for directing water away from your home, so poorly maintained gutters can have disastrous consequences. Keep your gutters in proper working order for longer with the installation of gutter gu…Read More

  10. If You Need Help with an Insurance Claim, Keep a Licensed Contractor in Mind

    Dealing with property damage and insurance claims is one of the more stressful events for homeowners to have to deal with. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by having to deal with the insurance company, figure out how to get what you’re owed, and follow up with any necessary details. Negotiating with your insurance company and actually coming to an agreement over the level of benefits you’re entit…Read More