1. Roofing For Storm States

    The southeastern United States is often subject to thunderstorms, severe tropical storms and hurricanes. Damage from these storms range from trees falling, to houses being ripped apart. If you live in an area where these storms are common, you have seen what they can do or (hopefully not) experienced them and the damage yourself. Whatever your level of experience is with severe storms, if you live…Read More

  2. Your Guide to Great Roof Maintenance

    Providing your roof with the right maintenance can extend its lifespan significantly. That means you'll face less expense over the lifetime of your roof, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. But what kind of maintenance does your roof really need? Our roofing contractors in Atlanta have put together this guide to help you care for your roof and give it what it needs. How to Properly Mainta…Read More

  3. Recently Purchased a New Home? Have Your Roof Inspected.

    If you’ve recently moved into a new home, chances are you had an inspection before purchasing to ensure that everything was in order, and if you’re lucky there were no significant issues found. Although your inspection went well, it might not be a bad idea to give a roofing contractor a call. They can provide you with specific information on the lifespan of your room which can help you to figu…Read More

  4. If You Need Help with an Insurance Claim, Keep a Licensed Contractor in Mind

    Dealing with property damage and insurance claims is one of the more stressful events for homeowners to have to deal with. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by having to deal with the insurance company, figure out how to get what you’re owed, and follow up with any necessary details. Negotiating with your insurance company and actually coming to an agreement over the level of benefits you’re entit…Read More

  5. 3 More Signs It’s Time for a New Roof

    In the previous post we talked about three ways your house will tell you it’s time for a roof replacement. If your roof is over 20 years-old, if you’re missing shingles, or if you’re seeing a decent amount of roofing granules then it’s probably time to consider a roof replacement. But these aren’t the only signs of an aging or damaged roof. Here are three more ways your roof will try to …Read More

  6. 3 Signs it’s Time to Get a New Roof

    As fun as it can be to work on updating the interior of your home, it’s important to work on the exterior as well. After all, the exterior is what protects you and the interior from the elements. There are several different components to the exterior of your home that help keep the moisture outside. This includes the siding and the roof. Your roof protects your home from storms and yet, you may …Read More