1. What Color To Choose For Siding?

    You want to love your home, inside and out. You finally have the inside the way you’ve dreamed of, the perfect open kitchen, everyone likes the shade of green paint in the living room, and you went with dark hardwood floors in the dining room. Now, it’s time for the outside of the house! Landscaping, shutters, siding, but what color should you choose for the siding? You want it all to be cohes…Read More

  2. Why Replace Your Home’s Siding? Part 2

    The siding on your home is what stands between the structure of your home and the wind, rain, snow, and other weather elements that threaten to destroy it. In our previous blog, we discussed three signs that your siding needs to be replaced, and now we’re back with three more. Have you found yourself neglecting the siding on your home? When was the last time you walked the perimeter of your hous…Read More

  3. Why Replace Your Home’s Siding? Part 1

    When was the last time you inspected your home’s siding? If it has been a while, consider the importance of your home’s exterior siding. It’s what keeps wind, rain, snow, and other destructive weather elements from destroying the structure of your home, and it aids in shielding the interior of your home from extreme exterior temperatures. Take a walk around your home, and take a look at how …Read More

  4. If It’s Time for Siding Installation and Repair, Trust the Job to a Professional

    Siding installation isn’t an easy task to handle on your own; it’s quite possible that your home is in need of siding repair and you don’t even know it. Unless the damage is easy to see, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Of course the way your home looks on the outside is of the utmost importance, but the function of your siding is just as vital as the visual appeal t…Read More

  5. How to Choose the Right Siding Material for Your Home

    Investing in new exterior siding for your home is not only exciting, but also a long term investment. It’s an opportunity for you to change up what you currently have or to update to a similar style. Hiring siding contractors for your new siding can feel overwhelming as you are presented with many different options in terms of materials and styles. But don’t worry, take a deep breath! As exper…Read More

  6. 2 Home Improvements that Provide an Excellent Return on Investment

    A benefit of owning your own home is the equity that the property will gain over time. Completing home improvement projects will help increase the value of your home which can benefit you if you ever get an appraisal done to remove the additional insurance from your mortgage or simply want to sell for the best price possible. There are certain projects that have a substantially high return on inve…Read More