Do you inspect your siding on a regular basis? This is something that many homeowners neglect when considering home maintenance, but your house’s siding is what protects your home’s interior from wind, rain, etc. Since the siding itself is exposed to these elements as well as damage from the sun and natural deterioration from aging, it will need to be repaired over time and will eventually need to be replaced altogether. Keep reading to find out how you can tell if your siding needs repairs.

3 Signs Your Siding Needs Repaired or Replaced

siding contractorWarped or Buckling Siding

Depending on the type of siding you have on your home, it may warp over time. You can identify warped or buckling siding by looking for wavy or uneven spots in your siding as well as gaps between slats. Even a very small gap can become problematic, letting in excess moisture and pests, such as termites.

Exposed/Missing Nails

Missing or exposed nails indicate that your siding is shifting. This may be because the walls beneath your siding are bowing or because of moisture issues or other problems. The main concern here is that your siding will be ripped off and blown away in a storm or high wind circumstance.

Signs of Moisture Damage

If you find indications of rot, mold, or other moisture damage, your siding may be letting moisture access the structure of your home. Wood rot and mold can be hidden if it has not spread to the interior wall, but you can recognize a moisture problem inside your home by the musty smell.

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